Digital Marketing Top 7 Trends That Every Business Needs To Consider For 2020

Digital Marketing Top 7 Trends That Every Business Needs To Consider For 2020

Digital Marketing is one of the regions which are more dependent on the technology used by the people living in this modern world. As the technologies used to change from time to time, every business effectively uses them in their marketing process across different digital platforms.

Every business desires to put into use new technologies to succeed in driving the results. One can generate more revenue. Where sales only perform the right marketing strategies. However, they can use different digital marketing trends in an effective manner. Let’s discuss in detail about them.

1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are a high-quality way to automate communication and lead generation to some extent. You can Ignore the type of business you are in. But chatbots can help you provide better customer service at affordable costs to maintain them.

Many huge brands like Master Card, Pizza Hut, etc. have already started using the chatbots as part of their business. Any customer can get answers to his questions at any time throughout the day. Whenever they need to recognize more about your business. However, using chatbots you can even collect payments. Eventually, you can segment them to offer personalized recommendations to your customers.

With the improvements in technology, there are many Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots that have been developed. These make use of Natural processing Language and are way more powerful than the normal chatbots. They also understand the questions of the people. Moreover, they must provide appropriate responses for the customers searching the knowledge base.

Remember, you can employ an awesome experience for any customer of your business. Eventually, you can specially make fast solutions to their problems using the chatbots. So you can make use of the chatbots in 2020 as a part of the marketing process.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role across the globe in many industries including the digital marketing industry. Whether its search engine or AI-powered chatbot, using artificial intelligence you may save a lot of time and money.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can analyze customer behavior and offer personalized products or services. Actually, these allow you to generate more revenue from your business. You can even locate various kinds of sales trends and patterns among customer purchase behaviors. Particularly which is a hard task to do when you are selling products or services on a large scale.

For instance, the most probable thing you might have noticed is that when you buy a product from a big eCommerce website. Therefore, you will get automated emails recommending you to buy other related products that are useful. Those uses artificial intelligence to predict the probable things that you might buy based on the purchase patterns of various other customers like you.

If you are making plans to drive results from marketing on digital platforms, then you must utilize this evolving technology. There are many artificial intelligence-powered types of equipment that can help you in various aspects of the market. These are A/B Testing,

Segmentation, Content Curation, Personalization, and so forth, which can help you drive results in an efficient manner. So in case you aren’t using artificial intelligence-powered tools in the digital marketing process, then you are definitely losing lots.

3. Voice Search:

Voice Search is one of the emerging traits among the people of the modern era. Innovations in technology cause the invention of smart speakers such as Alexa. It uses artificial intelligence and provides answers from the search engines.

However, even smartphones have the feature to perform a voice search. People are wide, making voice searches due to the reality that there’s no need to type the text manually. So they want to understand something from the web. According to the expectations, a large number of people would be using a voice search in 2020.

Remember search engine optimization is the handiest way you can get organic traffic to your website. Make sure you’ve got all the things such as Meta Descriptions, Image ALT text, etc. are updated which could help in increasing your rankings in the search engines. So if your website is not optimized for voice search then you ought to perform all the necessary optimization.

4. Video Marketing:

Videos are the optimum way to communicate with people. They permit you to build brand awareness about your business. Such as the production of quality videos with a creative way to explain more about your business. Those can also help in increasing the revenue of your business.

With the arrival of smartphones having browsers, people are searching for various things in their mobile devices. Many people choose to watch videos, especially on mobile devices rather than going through a landing page. Furthermore, if you upload your videos on YouTube with proper optimization done, then there is a higher chance. Really, they can get higher rankings in the SERPs and drive more sales for your business.

No longer just YouTube, but also there are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Wherein you can share videos and reach more people. However, depending on the platform, video formats could differ. As an example, Instagram supports 1:1 videos whereas it doesn’t support 16:9 aspect ratio videos.

Moreover, if you use exceptional quality videos along with specific video formats supported by the different digital platforms such as social media. Then you must build more engagement on your video content which acts as a social proof to convert more customers.

Video Marketing is one of the trends that you need to consider in 2020. Every business has incorporated videos as a part of their marketing strategy. It’s far vital to create quality videos in various formats to share across different digital marketing channels. They can in particular drive more customers to increase their sales and revenue.

5. Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing automation can help you in changing many people as your customers. So, Setting up different kinds of automation can help you save a lot of time. Particularly when you are using multiple marketing channels to gain customers for your business.

As an example, sending an abandoned cart recovery, email sequence you can actually convert many people. Once who left your website or sales page without buying. You can automate the process of producing sales from your existing customers by sending personalized emails using powerful email marketing tools that are available today.

Additionally, you may even set up automated SMS campaigns or messenger sequences for all the existing customers of your business to drive sales. Using Marketing Automation equipment powered by Artificial intelligence can send dynamic content based on various actions they perform. You can automatically send personalized suggestions that allow you to drive more conversions.

So if you’re using marketing automation in your business, then you must start using it now. Moreover, with the power of marketing automation, you can upsell or cross-sell different products or services offered by your business recommending them based on their purchase behavior on auto-pilot.

6. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality(AR and VR):

Augmented Reality And Virtual Truth has been made possible by technological advancements. So, These help in providing a virtual experience for your customers even before they buy the product.

Many brands have already begun the use of AR and VR as a part of their marketing strategy. For example, let’s expect that you want to get the makeup for your face. Even before you definitely go to the parlor, you can apply various kinds of makeup on your photos and see how you look like with the help of virtual reality mobile apps. Primarily based on what you feel good, you can go to the beauty parlor and get that makeup. The ultimate goal is to provide the experience to the customer even before they buy and choose what they want. So, this helps in generating more sales.

In 2020, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can help your business stand out from other competitors. So attempt to incorporate the use of these technologies in the marketing process for your business.

7. Influence Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a super fashion that can help you reach the right audience. Influencers are the people who had built trust among the people over a period of time irrespective of the platform.

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